About Me

Before children I enjoyed a very colourful and varied life and career. From managing, promoting, and touring with the music stars of the 90’s, to living in NYC and heading up a globally acclaimed design team. I worked with world-famous actors and film studios to create marketing content for many of the biggest and best movies of the 00’s.

In my spare time I was always drawn to a holistic approach to wellness. You’d find me in a yoga studio, with an ayurvedic practitioner, receiving energy healing, exploring sound therapy, attending spirituality talks (once even with the Dalai Lama), walking in nature, and generally researching, learning, and absorbing many of the practices associated with alternative medicine and health.

Following the birth of my children I knew that working in movies and flying around the world for photoshoots would not combine with my parenting plans. So, we moved to the countryside, and I set myself new challenges.

The seasonal yoga that I teach now has never been more relevant to me. I feel so lucky to have nurtured the tools and ability to care for myself and my family over the years. Through the nutrition, pranayamas (breathing exercises), meditations and flow, I feel I’ve been able to support myself and my loved ones during some ground-shifting times. I want to share more of this with you! It’s not just about the yoga flow, but the whole lifestyle in seasonal rhythm.

I would encourage anyone at any level to get curious and come and join a class, gong session, retreat, or outside experience.

My Qualifications